Arabian Epigraphic Notes

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The Ẓufār painted Inscriptions in Oman: Epigraphy and New Technologies


We propose here a standardised protocol to record and trace painted inscriptions, in order to minimise personal biases. DStretch®, a plug-in for ImageJ© specifically designed for the enhancement of digital images, allows reproducible and operator-independent results, improving objectivity in documenting rock art sites in remote and harsh environments. We provide two examples of its application to Ẓufār sites in Oman, and compare our results with previously published tracings. The improvement is so good that we envisage to apply the same method to a number of other sites, with a view to a reappraisal of the corpus of painted inscriptions of Ẓufār.


Ẓufār Painted inscriptions Oman Digital Imagery Pre-Islamic Arabia